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Did you ever wonder why a circus elephant doesn’t break free from a metal chain tied to a small wooden peg? It could easily snap the chain, uproot the wooden peg and escape to freedom. But it doesn’t do that. In fact it does not even try.

As a baby, the elephant learned it could not break away from a chain and stake. When it did try, it caused pain. And it never forgot the pain associated with attempting to be free. It knows limitations- even though they are not real.

Is your nonprofit just like the circus elephant with an incredible power constrained by the fear of pain? Are the elephants in the room holding your organization back? Stopping your nonprofit from reaching its potential? Keeping it from providing those in need with all it’s got?

Realize your nonprofit has the strength of an elephant. It can break the shackles of limited boundaries.

Does your organization have any of these characteristics of a Wobbly Nonprofit?

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Impoverished identity
  3. Majoring in minor things
  4. Disregarding strengths
  5. Inconsistent or unattractive outcomes
  6. Dim switch to highlight accomplishments

Well, conventional wisdom says that nearly every small nonprofit is wobbly for one reason or another. But they don’t have to be. The Multiplying Good program is designed to help small nonprofits tap their potential.

So, what can we accomplish together?

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